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We are pulling into the Bay Area- Ready, Set, RE-FIT, GO!

We could not be more happy to bein the Bay Area. All of our friends and family are all so close again. We have been taking Prism out every time we can, figuring out what needs to be fixed and what is good( that is when Jon is in town or when the project we are working on lets us). We have been rafting up with other boaters from all over the area and making a lot of new friends. We have found out were we can and can not go during low tides (we never had that problem with Tara because she drafted only 4 feet) and have had some moments where we are thinking ” please have enough water, please do let us hit.” Thank god the bay area is all soft mud! We are pretty sure all the paint is gone on the bottom of our keel from the times we have dragged and left a mud trail behind us as we come into the marina at low tide or leaving treasure island. To say the least we have been having way to much fun. Our friends Fletcher and Khristy were visiting in SF for her birthday. They were very excited to come sailing with us out on the bay. We had a great sunny day with about 15 knts of wind. Prism  sailed great, which even furthered their wanting of a Hans Christian 33 of their own.

I got my old job back working at Berkeley Marine Center, it is so nice to be working with old friends and in a boat yard again. I have so much fun watching and helping people work on their own boats. They are so busy at the yard, we are on the schedule to be hauled out in August.

Looking out into the bay from Berkeley Marina
Heading back to Berkeley on a Monday morning to make it to work
L Dock 108 Dock sweet Dock
Anchored out in Clipper cove
Night sailing toward the bay bridge
SF city front
The Golden Gate at sunset
Sunset sail out by Angel island
Looking out at the gate from Berkeley Yacht club
Fletcher at the Helm
Great shot of Khristy and Fletcher on Prism’s bowsprit with SF in the back ground

Each month a large group of boaters gather in clipper cove and raft up, we have had a total of 14 boats all at once. Some of the best food I have ever had if made during these raft ups. They are weekends filled with great people, good times, music, amazing food, and sailing. What else could anyone ask for. SO MUCH FUN! We went out buddy boating with our friend Geoff and his Tayana 37′  and we were happy that we could some what keep up with him, he did not pull away from us like he did when we would sail around with him and Tara. We have started a double ender club.

Geoff’s Tayana 37′ Alchemy
Such a pretty boat!
Raft- up
Raft-up night
The new bay bridge all lit up

Mom, Chris and Marissa (Chris’s girlfriend) came to visit and hang for a weekend, Jon was out of town, but it still was a great visit. The 4 of us went for a bike ride out and about in Berkeley, and we only had one injury. Yep that would be me, Chris and I were racing down 4th street, my front tire hit his back tire before I even knew that to do I was up and over my handle bars and sliding along the street. All traffic came to a stop and all eyes were on me. Luckily all that happened to me was a scraped up knee and big toe. And my brand new cute folding bike that Jon gave me as a late birthday present, did not have one scratch on it ( I have no idea how that happened). I am still shocked that my little tiny 16″ wheels and 6 gears were able to keep up with his much larger wheels and 30 gears. Not to shabby for a little folding bike. I liked mine so much in fact that I got one for Jon for his birthday that just passed on the 21st. We did get him the next size up however, the 16″ wheels were just a little to small for his tall body. They are great bikes and so awesome for only being $200.00!

Blowing out the candle for Jon’s birthday
Walk about the marina for Jon’s birthday

Our friend Will that we met in Neah Bay made it to Berkeley and was tied up on the guest dock right by us. He had a much more exciting trip down the coast. He stayed in Berkeley waiting for a weather window and Jon helped him install a new solar panel and arch for the back of his boat. It was great catching up, we are wishing him fair winds and following seas as he makes his way to Mexico.

We have a new crew member on Prism, she is 1 year old, black and white with the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen on a cat, her name is Gypsy. She is taking to being on a boat pretty well, but is still a little shy. We have not been out sailing or ran the engine with her yet. The first night we brought her home there was a huge wind storm, and it was blowing over 20knts in the marina, it was loud and I am sure it had to of been scary for her. But she is eating and bonding with us both throughout the day and we are growing to love her.

Gypsy being a cat
Looking for some attention

As for the work getting done around the boat, I must say I have been a bit lazy. I started on heating the varnish and scraping, but did not get to far. Jon however did just install our NEW SOLID FUEL HEATER! We have heat again, which will help us from getting frost bite on our toes when anchored out for the weekends this winter.

5 thoughts on “We are pulling into the Bay Area- Ready, Set, RE-FIT, GO!

  1. Jon and Shannon, you have done some great work. Interestingly we bought our Hans Christian 38 about the same time as you bought yours. And we are going through the same things in terms of repairs. I often come to the bay area, it would be good to meet. Terry S/V CarolMarie.

  2. Graig,
    We all work together on facebook to coordinate the raft ups. We have one every month, the largest we have has was about 23 boats during thanks giving. Are you on facebook? Ill send you an email and invite you into the group.

  3. Terry,
    Congratulations on your new to you HC38. That was the boat that made us fall in love and want to buy one ourselves. We would love to meet you any time you are in the bay area. Just give us a head up and let us know when.

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