SV Prism is proud to have partnered with Red Paddle Co. Red Paddle Boards are inflatable stand up paddle boards and they are cruiser tough. Stay Tuned for our videos featuring Red Paddle Boards, and how they integrate into the cruising lifestyle. For now, click the link below to check out their video:

]Red Paddle Co. Video

We can’t recommend them enough, especially after seeing so many other inflatable brands that other cruisers use that do not live up to their expectations.



We have teamed up with Spinnaker Watches! Visit  Spinnaker Watches and use promo code SVP20 to receive 20% off store wide! These watches are high quality and are great to wear above and below the sea.





Yacht club accessories sent Jon and I a pair of sunglasses to wear on our adventures. These glasses are made of wood, they are light and the most important.. they are polarized, which helps when navigating through reefs here in the Caribbean!

I wear the SeaCrushers, while Jon wears the AeroSteller.

Check out there site Yacht Club Accessories and browse through their glasses and bracelets.

They have added us as Ambassadors SV PRISM to their site. Click on the link to get out not only our story, but also other young adventures out there right now enjoying the world and their sunglasses.







We would also like the thank everyone who has supported us via patreon and donations. We have had a few large $50+ donations from the following people:

  • Paul Spackman
  • Janice Reilly
  • Lenny Luhmann
  • Olaf Tennhardt
  • Jay Hensleigh
  • Jeff Drake
  • Robert Chunn
  • Gary Purdom
  • Jonathan Allen
  • Andres Vela
  • Ken Gonzales
  • John Davis
  • NoWearGaurd
  • Robert Kraus
  • Mike Hushaw
  • Kelley Smith
  • Mark Nolfi
  • Ray and Maureen Fischels
  • Alice Parker
  • Debbie Neely
  • Nick Colonelli
  • Timothy McCarthy
  • Jerry and Carol Kvalheim
  • Daniel Hunneyman
  • Steve and Peggy Benavides
  • Randy Carlson
  • Susan Clay
  • Walt Drechsler
  • Steve Taymor
  • Marcelo Samsa
  • William Hillis

The following people have gone above and beyond with your generosity and we would like to take a moment to thank them personally. Your donations go into keeping the boat afloat and working! To everyone else who has contributed, thank you! Your donations are keeping our dream alive.

4 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. How has your Sigma Drive worked out? Have you had any troubles with it? Has it required any maintenance? I am on verger of ordering one. The concept seems almost indispensable, just need to know it works.

    1. We love the sigma drive! No maintenance, we took it apart last year to check for wear, found nothing. The only complaints we have heard about it, is when someone had installed it wrong. Every boat in our family has one installed, years of use and still good as new.

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