Boatyard Life During Covid-19

Offshore Passage: St. Marys, GA to Beaufort, NC March 10, 2020We weighed anchor from Fernandina Beach at 10 am and headed for the St. Marys inlet. This time around, the weather conditions were perfect, as in there was no weather. The forecast

Making Friends in St. Marys, GA

Offshore Passage: Charleston, SC to St. Marys, GA December 20, 2019 How can I put this nicely? I can’t, that passage sucked. We were up before first light to make it to the Charleston breakwater by dawn along with the slack tide.

Change of Plans Due to the Lack of Money

The harsh realization of having no money Sitting in our perfect “ready to go anywhere boat,” Jon and I realized that we in fact, cannot go anywhere. Not this season at least. After our year of hard work and no play, we

Southbound ICW: Annapolis to Oriental

Freezing day sailing down the Chesapeake We raised our main and shook out the ice, our fingers were barley moving as we weighed anchor and set out from Back Creek.  Wow, cold sailing SUCKS. Jon and I both said we did not

11 Indispensable tools from our refit

Having the right tool for the job is vital It is only after you have used the right tool for the job you realize how much time you wasted before hand. While Jon and I are in no way “new” to DIY

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