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PRISM'S Status

Prism at Towndock in Oriental, NC

Prism videos will soon start back up. We have HOURS of footage to share with you all. 

February 2020


We are going to stay state side till next winter. The refit took way longer than expected, but we finished many more projects than what originally was planned. Because of this, we have less money than we feel comfortable with to push off.

Southbound, we made it as far as St. Marys, GA, right on the Florida Georgia line. We have been helping fellow boaters with some of their projects here at the boatyard.

We must be crazy, because we are sailing back to Bayboro, NC to Hurricane Boatyard next month to take on a full deck refit for another HC33. 

Stay tuned.

Watch our Prelude Video to get up to speed on how this adventure started