Cabo San Lucas

Most say ” How in the wold can you call this an anchorage?!” And it’s true. The shelf off the beach makes it difficult to anchor, however when we set out stern line out onto the beach (yes pretty much on the

Magdalena Bay: Man of War Cove; Baja California; Mexico

The trek into Mag bay can be a long one if you don’t time the tides right. The entrance can also be a washing machine when the tide is going against the wind. We anchored first in front of the little town

Bahia Santa Maria; Baja California

Being the 2nd stop on the Baja HA HA rally this bay is also very well known, most guide books cover it very well. We came into the large bay right before dawn, so it was pitch black. We anchored in about

San Juanico; Baja California; Mexico

If you are a surfer, or want to be.. This is a great stop for you. It’s also great for other reasons but the gentle point break makes for very easy beginner waves when the swell is light. We anchored over a

Hipolito; Baja Califronia; Mexico

  This was a little gem of a stop! We were told that most cruisers bypass this as its a littler further in on the coast rather than going straight down to Arbeojos from Asuncion. We anchored in about 15 feet over

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