Cabo San Lucas

Most say ” How in the wold can you call this an anchorage?!” And it’s true. The shelf off the beach makes it difficult to anchor, however when we set out stern line out onto the beach (yes pretty much on the beach) we kept our bow into the swell and for the most part enjoyed the anchorage. We dropped our main hook in about 37 ft ( less than 200 yards away from the beach) around 22 53.0124’N 109 54.2091’W. This spot was our 2nd anchorage in Cabo, as we had come in during the middle of the night, which made it almost impossible to tell what lights were boats or belonged to the city. Plus with the bay being so deep close to shore, we could hear the waves crashing but not seem them while we were still in 50 feet. It was a bit nerve racking, so we anchored in about 55ft around 22 53.569’N 109 53.3565’W, to wake in the morning seeing we were out in the middle of no where! We had a good laugh then moved to  the closer spot.



Magdalena Bay: Man of War Cove; Baja California; Mexico

The trek into Mag bay can be a long one if you don’t time the tides right. The entrance can also be a washing machine when the tide is going against the wind. We anchored first in front of the little town at Man of War cove. From the water the little town looks like it is from a painting, especially at night when the little houses are all lit up. However we were let down when we made the short trip to town to find the beach littered with trash and dead fish, leaving you with a smell that could make you gag. We anchored in about 12 ft over sand around 24 38.1932’N 112 08.1063’W. We quickly made our way over to a spot away from the smell, in about 10 feet over sand we anchored around 24 38.8847’N 112 08.0903’W. The water is clear but their is not much marine life. We did get a visit from a very friendly and curious dolphin though. The locals were nice, we were able to put in an order for some diesel and have to deliver back to us, saving us the trip up the long narrow channel into Puerto San Carlos.


Bahia Santa Maria; Baja California

Being the 2nd stop on the Baja HA HA rally this bay is also very well known, most guide books cover it very well. We came into the large bay right before dawn, so it was pitch black. We anchored in about 25 feet around 24 46.5360’N 112 15.2697’W. The hike up to the peaks that over look the bay are well worth it but other than that, the bay didn’t have much else to offer (to us at least)


San Juanico; Baja California; Mexico



If you are a surfer, or want to be.. This is a great stop for you. It’s also great for other reasons but the gentle point break makes for very easy beginner waves when the swell is light. We anchored over a sand bottom in about 15 feet around 26 15.1033’N 112 28.2076’W. We ended up staying over a week in this little town, which seemed to be filled with more Xpats than Mexicans. The beach is prefect for bonfires, and the little restaurants are great for a night out. The water was not super clear for us, so there was not snorkeling.

** we used 3 different guides for this area: Charlie’s Charts;Western coast of Mexico including Baja, Mexico Boating Guide(Rains) and Jack Williams Baja Guide.**

Hipolito; Baja Califronia; Mexico


This was a little gem of a stop! We were told that most cruisers bypass this as its a littler further in on the coast rather than going straight down to Arbeojos from Asuncion. We anchored in about 15 feet over a clear sand bottom around 26 59.4506’N 113 58.3352’W. The area is a reserve for lobster and abalone and the locals are very strict about it. They will come to your boat and watch you get out of the water after a snorkel to make sure you are not taking any of the delicious bugs or abalone. The water is clear, and because of the reserve the marine life is all over the place. When you go to shore make sure you do the Baja shuffle to scare off the sting rays. The locals are very nice but do not speak any English (the ones we met) but will help you in any why they can.

** we used 2 guide books for this area: Mexico Boating Guide(Rains) and Jack Williams Baja Guide.**