Bahia Asuncion, Baja California, Mexico

We enjoyed this little town and anchorage. The shops had more options than turtle bay and was cheaper. The water was clearer, with an abundance of marine life as well. We anchored right in front of town in about 15-20 ft around 27 08.2689'N 114 17.4793'W. The beach landing is a beach break, but not … Continue reading Bahia Asuncion, Baja California, Mexico


Turtle Bay; Baja California; Mexico

  This is a very well known anchorage, most guides have great detail of this bay. It is also the first stop in Mexico for the Baja HA HA rally. Our first 3 days here we had over 50 knots of wind and large choppy swell due to the nasty Santa Ana Winds, but the … Continue reading Turtle Bay; Baja California; Mexico

Isla Cedros; The Pacific Islands; Mexico

We anchored in Bahia deal Sur, which is the southern most anchorage. We made our way to the ponga fishermen and asked how close we could get for anchoring, since all the guide books show the anchorage further out. They told us that good holding was just a little beyond where they had they pongas … Continue reading Isla Cedros; The Pacific Islands; Mexico

San Quintin; Baja California; Mexico

This giant bay is very shallow which forced us to anchor out next to the point. We anchored in about 15 feet over sand, around 30 21.8958'N 115 58.4918'W. We watched as some of the larger swell rolled in and formed into massive waves once hitting the shallows Behind out boat. If you don't mind … Continue reading San Quintin; Baja California; Mexico

Islas San Benitos; The Pacific islands; Mexico

This was a great stop, although the entrance though Canal de Peck was slightly terrifying as our charts where way off, and we could see reef all around us, it was still a channel and we made it through with no problems. We anchored in the little bay on the West island over a rock … Continue reading Islas San Benitos; The Pacific islands; Mexico