The Battle of Keeping Beautiful Bright Work It is true, there is nothing more sexy than a vessel with pristine bright work. Varnish that has that “wet” look is something all boaters strive to achieve when applying or keeping up varnish on

11 Indispensable tools from our refit

Having the right tool for the job is vital It is only after you have used the right tool for the job you realize how much time you wasted before hand. While Jon and I are in no way “new” to DIY

Adding External Chainplates to a Hans Christian 33t

The chainplate conundrum for the Hans Christian 33 has always been on my mind since first looking at HC33. After discovering this building method of the 33, I pondered as to why they would build such a stout boat, but skimped out on

Camera Gear

One of our main questions from our videos is what camera gear do we us to take our photos and shoot our videos. October 2014- May 2015 Main shooting Camera kit: Panasonic Gh4 Panasonic 14-140mm 3.5 Panasonic 20mm 1.7 Metabones 0.7x Speed

Re-Caulking our Teak Decks

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