Little Harbor; Catalina Island, California

This is a great little anchorage, we had the whole place to our selves... Good thing too cause it didn't look like another boat could be in there with us. We should have set a stern hook to keep our bow into the swell. The beach was beautiful and the mini hikes were great. We … Continue reading Little Harbor; Catalina Island, California


San Diego; A-9 cruisers anchorage

This anchorage is for visiting boats only, you have to get a permit at the kiosk at the customs dock. The anchorage is kinda far away from any dinghy landing so we needed to use an out board to get to the docks. It is also a bit of a walk to get into downtown … Continue reading San Diego; A-9 cruisers anchorage

Santa Barbara Anchorage and Santa Cruz Island : Smugglers Cove

Santa Barbara: This anchorage is crowded, very hard to find a spot and it's also rolly. We stayed here only one night ( on TARA) and left first thing the next morning after getting NO sleep. When we came down on Prism, there was no room to anchor without being in a channel or getting … Continue reading Santa Barbara Anchorage and Santa Cruz Island : Smugglers Cove

San Siemon Anchorage

ok I might be a bit biases because I have family near and I kinda grew up coming to this beach, but.... THIS IS THE BEST ANCHORAGE EVER!!!! Well as long as there is not a south swell. There used to be a marker off the point letting you know it was safe to round … Continue reading San Siemon Anchorage

Monterey Bay and Stillwater Cove

Monterey Bay: The anchorage in Monterey Bay can be a rolly one.... or so i have heard. We stopped at the famous Bay city on our first boat TARA cause we needed a part for our auto pilot. We did not use the anchorage, but looked at it from the beach and admired the huge mega yacht … Continue reading Monterey Bay and Stillwater Cove