California Anchorages

San Diego; A-9 cruisers anchorage

P1450654-1This anchorage is for visiting boats only, you have to get a permit at the kiosk at the customs dock. The anchorage is kinda far away from any dinghy landing so we needed to use an out board to get to the docks. It is also a bit of a walk to get into downtown or to any stores. But the anchorage offers good holding and a great chance to meet other boaters who are cruising. We never got asked to prove we got our permit, but we did have to show your license to prove we were not San Diego residents. I do believe that there can only be so many boats anchored in there at a time, and thus is how many permits are given out at the time. We dropped our hook in a mud bottom around 32 43.5265’N 117 11.1672’W

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