California Anchorages

Santa Barbara Anchorage and Santa Cruz Island : Smugglers Cove

Santa Barbara:

This anchorage is crowded, very hard to find a spot and it’s also rolly. We stayed here only one night ( on TARA) and left first thing the next morning after getting NO sleep. When we came down on Prism, there was no room to anchor without being in a channel or getting to close to someone else., so we got a slip.

Looking at the SBYC

Santa Cruz Island: Smugglers Cove

This is a great anchorage, we were a little confused about how the guide-book describes the entrance and where exactly to drop the hook.

Once we were there, we stayed for almost a week, happy that the Santa Ana winds never picked up. The water was super warm, and very clear. We never went to shore, it is privately owned and    needed a permit.


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