California Anchorages

San Siemon Anchorage

ok I might be a bit biases because I have family near and I kinda grew up coming to this beach, but…. THIS IS THE BEST ANCHORAGE EVER!!!! Well as long as there is not a south swell.

San S. 1

There used to be a marker off the point letting you know it was safe to round the point and head into the cove, that marker has not been there for years, not sure if it has been replaced or ever will be. We made sure to give the point a very wide berth. Staying on the north side of the pier, and tuck in into the back north corner as close as you can to getaway from possible wrap around swell and north winds. The far corner of the cove is also the best place to land your dinghy. If you enjoy swamping, flipping and swimming, by all means land your dinghy next to the pier, just know you will be in for one hell of a ride.

San S. 2

The beach here is picture perfect, with an amazing trail that leads up and out to the point for one amazing( easy) hike and beautiful views. The nearest town is far, but there is a little cafe type store with really good food right off the beach (Sebastian’s), and Hearst castle is up on the mountain, and if you feel like walking up to the visitors station, you can pay for a ticket and take a tour. If you have not been, it’s worth it.

san s 3

I love this anchorage, the water is clear, it’s cold but beautiful and will come back every    time! But when weather starts to come in from the south, this amazing place can become very ugly. We stayed for 2 nights with the biggest south swell to hit the cove in over 10 years, and there was nothing enjoyable about it, looking back now, we should have left right as it started.

san s 4

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