EP. 33 Matanchen and the crocodiles of San Blas


Ep. 32 The Galapagos of Mexico, Isla Isabel

EP. 30 Sailing Vessel Prism; Mazatlan, one stop shop for fun!

St. Augustine to North Carolina

When we pulled away from Miami we were happy to be out of the hustle and bustle of the large city. Once again we were sucked into the gulf stream and made great time up to  St. Augustine covering 294nm in just 41 hours, averaging 7.1 knots with a max of 11.5knts. We were warned by friends that the inlet to St. Augustine can be tricky with aggressive tide rips, so timing was very important. We lined up with the entrance buoys around 8 am, our arrival time was perfect with the high slack tide. The entrance was smooth and un eventful.

Sailing away from Miami

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