The changing of seasons and plans

March, 13, 2017 It’s that time of year, winter as come and gone. Crazy how fast time flies when you are having fun. With the chancing of seasons comes the hardest part of cruising, saying good-bye to the friends you have made

Cruising the San Blas Islands

Our time in the San Blas so far as been pure bliss. I can’t say we have been doing much, life out here consist of: waking up, drinking coffee, having breakfast then going swimming or reading books. Afternoons are spent snorkeling, spear

EP.22 The Best Bays of the Sea

The Panama Canal

The Process as of October/ November 2016: We e-mailed the  information listed below with the Subject: Handline Vessel “Name of Vessel” Northbound (Southbound) Transit Request,  to Attached in the email was a copy of our documentation, copies of all (official, not your

Adding External Chainplates to a Hans Christian 33t

The chainplate conundrum for the Hans Christian 33 has always been on my mind since first looking at HC33. After discovering this building method of the 33, I pondered as to why they would build such a stout boat, but skimped out on

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