Boatyard Life During Covid-19

Offshore Passage: St. Marys, GA to Beaufort, NC March 10, 2020We weighed anchor from Fernandina Beach at 10 am and headed for the St. Marys inlet. This time around, the weather conditions were perfect, as in there was no weather. The forecast

Charleston, SC

Southbound, Outside Passage to Charleston Dec 6, 2019 The weather window had arrived, there was a small window of light north winds for about 2-3 days before the next nasty norther starts to blow. Our first destination south is Charleston, South Carolina.

Ep. 2 What to look for when buying a HC33

Ep.2What to look for when buying a HC33 In this episode we answer the most asked question we receive, (minus “When is the next video?”)….What should we look for when looking to buy a Hans Christian 33t. Scroll down to see the

Ep.1: Introduction

Ep. 1 Introduction The crew from Sailing Vessel Prism have created a Q&A Podcast! Please call in with your questions at 805-242-1479. Published on: February 17, 2020 at 10:52 AM

260 Days of our Hans Christian 33t Refit

Back to the Refit: After 3 weeks of being away visiting family in California and a very crazy flight schedule we made it back to Prism. We left Fresno in the morning knowing this airport was the first of 5 we would

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