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San Diego- Wow have we really been here 3 weeks?!?!?

San Diego! We have been here way longer than we planned but have been loving every minute of it. Southern Cali is just so beautiful!

Downtown SD all lit up at night


the view from A:9 anchorage

We received our new credit cards with the help of a friend of a friend, Amy not only let us send her our new CC but also a new solar panel and then her husband delivered it to us in downtown. (Thank you Mike Hushaw for the hook up). Amy and Jeff  you guys were life savers thank you so much for helping us even though we are complete strangers 🙂

Jeff and Jon when he brought us out mail

After our last post update we were on a very long walk, making stops to buy tackle, use Internet and on the out look for an Olive Garden to eat at, we found one after walking over 7 miles to get to it. We ate till we couldn’t eat any more, and were all so tried from walking all day in the hot sun, we had heavy backpacks from more of the last minute shopping we were doing and to add the all you can eat pasta bowl into the mix… Needless to say we took an Uber home. Fat, happy and so tired we all crashed that night and didn’t leave the boat the next day.


 walking… and more walking


Leaving SquidCo. The tackle shop is a must stop! But a very long walk




GoPro Selfie

We punched out a few projects during our day light hours, including doing the last touch ups to the stack pack, re-cut the forestay to be a better fit, and completed the holding pump out install.

When we are not working on the boat, we spend our days fishing, sun bathing, taking exciting dinghy rides to shore, eating and drinking.

Sean catching some dinner


morning coffee


Sean reading up on some Pardey

Below are all the attempts to get a group shot with the GoPro


Nailed it!



Dealing with the banks


and everyone look left

My  Aunt and Uncle, Rita and Rob came out to have dinner and drinks. They made it after dark, we ate and drank till we realized no one was in any shape to drive home. Jon and I gave Rita and Rob our bed, we took the aft cabin and Sean slept out on deck… not by choice, it’s a good thing that SD is so warm and dry so he did not get cold.. It was so great to have family out on the boat with the amazing lit up SD ski line behind us. Nursing hangovers in the morning we had coffee and said our goodbyes. I really hope they get to come down and visit us in Mexico.

We were contacted by a couple who is in the process of buying their own HC33 and wanted to take us out to dinner and pick our brains a little. We all went out for dinner and drinks and enjoyed the downtown SD life for a night. We are so excited for them and their “new to them” HC33.  We even were lucky enough that Clint was off for the next few days, so he offered to help us run errands all around SD. It was weird to be in a car. We went to what feels like all the different chandleries SD has to offer, bought some books, propane fittings, rods, reels, and hit up Grocery Outlet to stock up on a lot of canned food.  We came back to the boat with Clint and started fishing, sure enough we caught 6 sand bass, 2 yellowfin corkers and a pacific halibut. We stuffed our faces with fresh fish tacos till we could not eat any more. Clint gave us a 101 on how to fillet a fish, cause I was always just guessing.



Clint with his fish filet 101


We have made our first batch of ginger beer, and our first from scratch pizza. We just have so much time to do what ever we want! Oh man this life is way tough.

The galley becomes a mess when I start baking

We invited a few friends over last night ( friends we have not seen for over 5 years) Ana.. AKA “Tanzie” was a camp counselor with Jon and I back in 2009, and also Jons childhood friends Nick and his wife Madison. Jon made 3 different runs to the dinghy dock and back to ferry everyone back to the boat. We caught up and told stories from our past. It was great to catch up with everyone!

We plan on leaving this evening or tomorrow morning. We are tied up the public dock, hoping we will slip under the radar for the night. We could leave tonight, but we would rather leave at first light in the morning. So we are here till they kick us off 🙂

Next stop Ensenada!  The weather is looking beyond perfect so we are stoked that we will get to sail and not motor our way down. 11-16knts of wind with 4 foot swell at 17 seconds… it doesn’t get better than that! So lets hope it stays like that!

I know I have said it before… but this time its for real… MEXICO HERE WE COME!

One thought on “San Diego- Wow have we really been here 3 weeks?!?!?

  1. Good luck to you all.. Do NOT eat Spotfin Croaker that is caught anywhere in SoCal, especially in a harbor! It is a sponge for every bad chemical and carcinogen that exists. Keep to the pelagic fish. You guys should be rocking the yellowfin in Mexico on the troll. Look for kelp paddies and pray for Dorado, they are best, cleanest fish you can get unless god blesses you with a Wahoo. Pound the edges of the kelp beds for yellowtail and Calico bass (the sirloin of the sea).

    If you do get a wahoo look out for the mouths!!!! They have teeth like wire cutters and can easily SEVER A FINGER! Do not trust a wahoo but eat the shit out of him if you catch one.

    Love Steve

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