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Getting our shit together.. literally, MORE bright work, Birds….and our pretty re-installed winches!

Yes we are STILL working on the bright work.. It is never ending. But we are almost ready to start with the cetol.. all we need to do is bleach some of the areas that went grey.

 In the mean time.. Jon has been getting the boat ready for our haul out in February, starting with getting the original holding take back to working order. The previous owners had disconnected the holding tank that is in the bilge and installed a vacuum flush toilet with a new 25 gal holding tank that takes up ALL the storage under the pull-man berth, which we need badly to hold all our crap and sails. This project was a fun one for Jon, he is lucky he is tall and skinny, cause he was able to fit his upper body into the space in able to work on the holding tank. Quite a funny view for me 🙂

Jon working away 
looking in under the pullman berth at the holding tank

the hose barb fitting was a little corroded

IT OUT! only a day later

My view while he works
Now this should work

Once Jon go the new fitting on it was time to fill up the tank and see if it had any leaks…. and the moment of truth?….. Yep it leaks… Damn. Good news is that the leak is just on the lid which we can have remade quick and easy.  Updates on that to follow on the next post

The winches are on and looking beautiful! Jon threw on the 2 main ones for a quick afternoon sail with his mom and sister. While he was out sailing the grease in the winch was oozing onto our clean as a baby bottom teak cap rail. Opps.. nothing a little dawn soap cant fix. 🙂 

this is what the winches were looking like

this is what they look like now.

this is the before and after we got them back and then after Jon buffed and ploished
all 8 winches looking all pretty again

these are the tools Jon used to service and then polish the winches

Bronze winches look so good!

Our water pump has been making funny noises. Jon is pretty sure the pressure sensor is clogged, so he took it apart and this is what he found:

fresh water pump

He cleaned it all up, put it back together and then re-installed it. But he did not fix it. Damn! So a new one is on the way.

We have been having a visitor in the mornings. I do not like it when birds are on my boat, but lucky for this guy he has chosen the one rail that sweeps over the water, so when he does in fact poop it will go in the water and not on the teak decks. So i will allow him to hang there… for now
I hate their poop, but these birds sure are pretty

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