On the HARD, PRISM floats again, test sail, IT ALL WORKS!!!!

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Departure date….well more like we are aiming to leave for Mexico depending on weather: September 27th – October 6th.  SO […]

The Rush To Finish Before Vacation

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We have been working day and night to get these projects done and make it so PRISM can go sailing […]

Summer Update

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Where is all the time going?!?! we have been so busy! I don’t even know where to start to update […]

The Tale of a Rusty Winch

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-Written By Jon- PART ONE: The process of rebuilding our winches was not a planned one. When we decided we […]

Getting our shit together.. literally, MORE bright work, Birds….and our pretty re-installed winches!

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Yes we are STILL working on the bright work.. It is never ending. But we are almost ready to start […]