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The last of the projects and a BOBSTAY DOWN!

While Jon was gone I did a few things here and there around the boat, however we bought a new hammock chair and it calls to me!  So i finished more books than projects this week 🙂
Best $20 we have spent all summer 🙂
On Wednesday night the guy next to us, Pete ( he owns a Jeanneau 409) was going out for the beer can races and asked me to if I wanted to come. HECK YES! Off we went, we had a little breeze  and it was looking to be a good race. BEEP the 5 min horn went off and the wind died! The whole race was every boat trying to make it to the start line. The current was taking us even further from the start line, so about 45 minutes in we busted out the drinks and food and decided to just enjoy the sunset. 
I took this photo with my iphone 4. It was a great sunset!
Jon came back from San Diego and he was shot. We relaxed for the rest of the day on Friday and planed out what project we needed to get done the next day.  On Saturday we got to a late start but put our heads down and set to finish the panel in the aft cabin. Previously the auto pilot and fridge were wired in and were always hot ( no in-line fuse or barkers). This did not sit well with us at all. We bought a small panel and installed it into the new wood panels in the after cabin which conceal all the wire leading aft. The Wire for the fridge compressor was not ABYC and was falling apart so we ran new wire for it. Jon was working in the aft cabin and I was in the lazarette feeding him the wire and making it look all nice and neat . The radio was another project that we felt that we needed to complete ASAP. We are still in shock that the previous owners cruised with no radio!  There are 2 marine speakers under the solar panels that we installed and 2 more inside the cabin. The boat has a completely new atmosphere with MUSIC, it helps us to keep working and keeps us relaxed. The install for the aft panel went very smooth and by the end of the day we had it all rigged up and put away. 

On Sunday Pete and his girlfriend Sara were going out sailing with a few friends and we decided to take out prism and fart around for the day with them. We headed out into Commencement Bay and had some wind but then it died. We bobbed around for a while before we started up the diesel and headed further north to some wind. Pete followed and when we got to the wind Pete and his Jeanneau left us in the dust. 
Pete’s boat s/v Vivacité
The wind was picking up and we had a good 15 knt wind coming from the south west. Jon and I were pushing Prism pretty hard with all the canvas up we almost had her rail in the water just testing her out. I went below to fix a few things that had launched them selves across the cabin due to the heel we had going. 

I hear a big PANG! I ran to the cockpit to ask Jon what the heck that could have been. Everything seemed to be in order, however Jon then noticed that our roller furling was bending and touching the forward pulpit. CRAP! Jon instructed me to go into the wind so we could drop all the sails. We thought we had broke our forestay, but in fact we had snapped our bobstay. 
“AH!” talk about an adrenalin rush

The bobstay just hanging out there
We motored back to Tacoma with the bobstay dangling off the front of the boat. Once we made it back to our slip we took off the fittings and really look a look at what had snapped.

Bottom of the bobstay, snapped in half

top of the bobstay, snapped
After a lot of phone calls we figured out that there are 2  strong opinions about what to do with a bobstay. One half says you should keep with rod rigging cause it has stronger holding power and does not hold on to water like wire does. The other half says to use 3/8 wire with mechanical fittings which allow water for flow out unlike sewage fittings, then just change the wire about every 5 years. 
I sent Jon up the mast to give our rig a deep look over. With the shock of the bobstay snapping it put our rig under a lot of stress. We have no idea how old our rigging is, it could even be original! Jon came down with a smile on his face. Everything look amazing, the tangs look brand new, the wire and fittings have in perfect condition, no weeping rust, no bird cages, no nothing.
We are waiting to hear back from a rigging shop for a quote for a new bobstay ( we are going with 3/8 wire and mechanical fittings) and new outers, forestay and back stay with new fittings. Better safe than sorry with the rigging 🙂
On Monday we wired in our solar panels, the install went pretty smooth besides a few wire mix ups. We know have 2 active panels  that are working beautifully! Pete stopped by to take Jon on a joy ride in his Ferrari 308. He came back with a huge smile on his face. Very cool car! Thanks Pete! 

I got a fiberglass splinter

Pete’s 308
Jon and I also installed some swing hooks for our musical instruments in the aft cabin which came out very nice and now they are out of the way but still easy to get to so we can jam. Well Jon can jam while I try to get the  strumming down. I do not have any rhythm, but  I am still trying to learn, all the while testing Jon’s patience with teaching me. 🙂
Now there are only 2 more projects to finish 1.) rigging up with windvane with the new line and blocks we bought. It should run like a champ now and 2.) finishing the wood box for the aft cabin to hide the remaining wire and electronic backs still exposed. 
Tess Jason and Troy will be here tomorrow! I am very excited to see them and have them on the boat! Even though we will not be able to go sailing, it is still always a good time with them around! 
Jon leaves on Friday for Alaska and once he gets back we are setting off, first stop will be the riggers shop ( if the quote is something we can afford)  then it is off to the San Juan Islands! Then down the coast we go! 

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