Ep. 7 The 2021 Annapolis Sailboat Show Review and Tips

In this Episode

It’s time to reflect on our experience of the 2021 Annapolis Sailboat Show.

We get into what it is like to travel to the show, anchoring, renting etc. 

We share what we think was the BEST BOAT at the show, and also talk about the let downs from other boats we saw.

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5 thoughts on “Ep. 7 The 2021 Annapolis Sailboat Show Review and Tips

  1. I’ve been twice. I would describe it as boat porn. I’ve heard you can get good deals on systems/ parts/ “stuff”, but most vendors were sold out of things I wanted.

  2. Greetings from the Caribbean!!

    Great podcast, hope you guys are enjoying your cruising and your beautiful sailboat!!

  3. Oh those Prism power chords in the intro had me somehow thinking I was getting another one of your superb, eye-popping videos. Oh well, a very interesting cast nonetheless, especially when you get to talking about the boats – properly insightful and forthright, so rare these days. Enjoyed it all. Thank you!

  4. Anyone considering a Lagoon Cat should take a look at the Parlay Revival & David Shih YouTube Channels and see what they are doing to fix the serious bulkhead issues/design fault, that they are having to repair to make their boats safe.
    Enjoyed the latest episode Shannon & Joh & looking forward to more tales of cruising.

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