Ep. 2 What to look for when buying a HC33

What to look for when buying a HC33

In this episode we answer the most asked question we receive, (minus “When is the next video?”)….What should we look for when looking to buy a Hans Christian 33t.

Scroll down to see the topics covered and also pictures about some of the topics.

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Topics we cover in this Podcast
  • The 33 vs the 34 & 36
  • Hansa vs Shin FA yards
  • Layout:
    • Galley pantry
    • Aft cabin/ nav
  • Teak decks
    • Cored vs not cored
  • The Pox
    • Below waterline
    • Above waterline
  • Bowsprit Rot
  • Chain Plates
  • 3QM30 Engine
    • Discontinued in 1981
    • Parts are $ and hard to find
  • Tank lids leaking
  • Actual tank sizes
  • Listed       VS.       Actual on Prism:
      • Fuel 80gal  VS.    80 gal on Prism
      • Water 90gal  VS.     120 gal on Prism
      • Holding 15 gal VS.      25 gal on Prism
  • Holding talk issues
  • Rudder- Have to drop rudder to remove shaft
  • Kenyon Mast- $$ parts
  • Headliner- can not be removed
  • Plywood sub-floor
  • Deck hardware nuts/bolts epoxied in place- no access
Photos of topics covered

Spotting the difference between Hansa VS. Shin Fa Yards

In the podcast we state that to our knowledge the Hansa HC33’s did not have the bronze rudder post access port. After doing more research we found that during 1984 the bronze port became an option on the Hansa boats as well. It should be said that it is correct that all Shin Fa HC33s do have this access port to our knowledge.****


Post 1983 Hansa 33’s may or may not have this access port.

No bronze access port on  1982 Hull#38

Shin FA

All of the Shin Fa 33’s DO HAVE this access port

Notice the bronze access port to the rudder post

1987 Hull#132 Built in Shin Fa yard
Different HC33 Layouts

Aft Cabin

1988 Hull#145 Aft cabin
1988 Hull#145 Aft cabin

Aft Nav Station

HC33 1983 Hull #49 Looking Aft STBD side
HC33 1983 Hull #49 Looking Aft STBD side
HC33 1983 Hull #49 Inside Nav. Station Locker
HC33 1983 Hull #49 STBD settee/convertible bunks
HC33 1983 Hull #49 looking FWD STBD drawers/table
1986 Hull#119 Aft Nav Station

Galley Pantry

1987 Hull#132 Galley with pantry and teak liquor storage/holder

No Pantry & Longer Dinette seat

1980 Hull#9 Galley with no pantry
1980 Hull#9 Galley with no pantry
1980 HC33 Converted galley to have pantry
1980 HC33 Converted galley to have pantry
The Decks


1988 Hull#144 Teak decks screwed in from above with wood bungs/ plugs. This boat has a wood core.
wet core under the teak pads on cabin top

Solid glass

Prism’s decks: notice zero bungs and a few screw tips showing
The darker spots, those are screw tips just starting to poke through. Notice the bungs (wood plugs) those were added to either cap the poking screw tips or to fasten the teak back down in place.
solid glass decks
gel-coat blisters
ground out blisters above the waterline
Rotten Bowsprit


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  1. Not interested in 34or36 but the 41 is almost the same size loa as the 33 and looks like a perry design. That looks maybe better for the buck. Possible more room and better sea worth comfort

  2. Hello. I am really interested in hearing your podcast but there seems to be no link?. I Live in Australia and are looking for a 33T, 38TMKii or what I really want is a 38PH, but thats not likely in Aus. I hope I can hear your valuable comments. Thank you.

  3. Just listen to your podcast Ep.2 and loved the information. Great Job! I have missed the videos but this is another alternative and you two do it well. Cheers!

  4. Loved this! I am looking at buying a 1981 HC33 named “wild swan”. Listened to all your points and was sitting here nodding my head in agreement. Thank you!!

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