Mainland Mexico Anchorages

Isla de los Chivos (Stone Island) Mazatlan

When we were there: January 2016

Where we anchored: We were anchored here for about a week in 16-18ft over sand bottom, around 23 10’56″N 106 24’32″W.

About: ***WARNING**** This anchorage is known to be bad luck for cruisers. We know many people who have had their outboard motors, paddle boards, generators, bikes, whole Dinghys and other items most boaters keep out on deck stolen. Most of these thefts happen after a boat has been there for 3 or more days. I think the thieves case your boat, then in the middle of the night with no shame, they board your boat and take what they want before you wake. Most people don’t hear anything till the ponga is full throttle making their escape. Jon and I took special care not to leave anything out, we even pulled our dinghy all the way back on deck every night, we put anything of value inside, leaving only our outboard out, locked and chained.
So if you are going to anchor at stone island and or inside the main harbor ( the thefts happen there too) be on edge that your boat is on display and some people think anything left on deck is fair game. If you don’t want to take the chance, anchor at Deer island or go into the marina.

What was the water like:  Brown, we did not spend much time in the water here.

Dinghy Landing:  The dinghy landing was very easy and the shore boat that takes you over to downtown is easy and cheap.

Would we come back: Yes

Would we recommend people going:  Yes




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