La Cruz, Bandaras bay Mexico

DJI_0003-1-2When we were there: February/ March 2016

Where we anchored: 35-40 feet sand good holding around 20 44′ 38″N 105 22′ 09″W.

About: This is a huge anchorage, there were over 50 boats anchored while we were there. Because there are so many boats, and we have heard storied of many people dragging, we decided to anchor away from the main crowd. We found good holding which was importation for the afternoon thermal winds. The Marina is very nice, but you need a key to get in and out of the gates. The  Marina’s Dinghy Dock is $50 pesos a da.  It is very easy to take a bus or van to get to PV to resupply at Costco.

Would we come back: Yes

Would we recommend people going there: Yes


Live music in the Marina


The calm and beautiful La Cruz Marina


Looking towards shore from our anchorage spot


Overview of the anchorage



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