Mainland Mexico Anchorages

Zihuatanejo (Z-Town) Mexico

When we were there:  Mid to late April 2016

Where we anchored:  15-20 feet in sand. around 17 37′ 30″N 101 32′ 51″W . We used a stern hook and stayed clear of the path of the para sailor boats.

About: There are 2 anchorages in the large bay. If you have a lot to do in town or don’t have a big dingy that can make longer passages, then the anchorage in front of downtown right outside of the mooring balls is where you want to be.   We chose to anchor away from town in front of  Playa de  Ropa.

What was the water like: Clear and warm

Dinghy Landing: To the beach was easy, just watch for the swell if it is bigger.

Would we come back: YES

Would we recommend people going: YES


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