Sea of Cortez Anchorages

Topolabampo; Sea of Cortez; Mexico, mainland side


Once you make it past the bar entry that can be calm or scary depending on weather and tide, the inner harbor is very enjoyable. However our Navionics charts did us no good here. The channels were well-marked with red and green buoys(in 2016) which made it doable. However if you stray from the channel even a few inches you will find a solid mud wall with your keel. We first anchored off the secondary shallower channel in the front of the Club Nautico in 10 feet over sand, around 25 35’26″N 109 03’50″W. This was a cool anchorage, you have to dinghy over to the marina to get to shore, then it’s a nice walk into the little town.

We also anchored in Bahia Ohuira the large deep bay around the other side of the peninsula. As we bypassed the large tankers we were escorted by dolphins into the bay. The water is very deep in front of town, and it also has a lot of traffic. We anchored on the far side of the bay in 17 feet over sand, around 25 35’12″W 109 02’20″W. At this anchorage we were kinda far away, and needed to rig up an outboard to make it over to town. But the holding was good and the Dolphins keep you company almost all day.



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