Mainland Mexico Anchorages

The lagoon at Barra de Navidad



When we were there: End of March 2016

Where we anchored: 10-13 feet mud/ sand good holding around 19 11′ 25″N 104 40′ 27″W

About: To get into the anchorage it is a bit tricky, but if you listen to others who have reasently been in and out, it’s pretty easy. And well if you get stuck, there are lots of people to help if you need it. It’s shallow in here, and the shallowest we saw was 6 feet, so we just barley made it over with our 5 1/2 foot draft. IMG_0530

The nights were so calm at times we forgot we were sleeping on a boat. The thermals in the afternoon offer a stiff breeze and an eye should be kept on our boat as well as others if it really starts to blow. It’s reported that the holding is “soft” but we had no problems when we were there, thou other boats did. The French baker is a MUST.

What was the water like: Don’t go swimming in here

Dinghy landing: you can motor to the marina, then take a water taxi into town, or you can motor in yourself through the keys and all the cute houses and tie up at a hotel.P2230013-1

Would we come back: Yes

Would we recommend people going: Yes

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