11 Indispensable tools from our refit

Having the right tool for the job is vital It is only after you have used the right tool for the job you realize how much time you wasted before hand. While Jon and I are in no way “new” to DIY

260 Days of our Hans Christian 33t Refit

Back to the Refit: After 3 weeks of being away visiting family in California and a very crazy flight schedule we made it back to Prism. We left Fresno in the morning knowing this airport was the first of 5 we would

The First 100 days of Prism’s 2018-2019 Refit

yes! we are filming everything and will be making videos again  We finally made it back to Prism!  Jon and I had been dreaming and thinking about this day sense we left her back in June of 2017. While we were home

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