260 Days of our Hans Christian 33t Refit

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Back to the Refit: After 3 weeks of being away visiting family in California and a very crazy flight schedule […]

The First 100 days of Prism’s 2018-2019 Refit

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yes! we are filming everything and will be making videos again  We finally made it back to Prism!  Jon and […]

A month of work and no play

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After our canal transit we were relieved to be done, but we had zero time to relax. It was time […]

Adding External Chainplates to a Hans Christian 33t

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The chainplate conundrum for the Hans Christian 33 has always been on my mind since first looking at HC33. After […]

Good Bye Costa Rica, Hello Panama!

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After the loss of Benita, Jon and I only spent one more week in the Biesanz anchorage. We headed off […]