Baja California, Mexico Anchorages

San Quintin; Baja California; Mexico

This giant bay is very shallow which forced us to anchor out next to the point. We anchored in about 15 feet over sand, around 30 21.8958’N 115 58.4918’W. We watched as some of the larger swell rolled in and formed into massive waves once hitting the shallows Behind out boat. If you don’t mind the cold, or seals, or rocks, or kinda being on the dinner menu, there are some surf-able waves around the point. I would however point out that it is not a good spot for beginners. The dinghy landing was easy when we were there, and the walks along the beautiful sand beaches makes you glad that no one has turned the area into a resort.. Yet


** we used 3 different guides for this area: Charlie’s Charts;Western coast of Mexico including Baja, Mexico Boating Guide(Rains) and Jack Williams Baja Guide.**

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