Baja California, Mexico Anchorages

San Juanico; Baja California; Mexico


If you are a surfer, or want to be.. This is a great stop for you. It’s also great for other reasons but the gentle point break makes for very easy beginner waves when the swell is light. We anchored over a sand bottom in about 15 feet around 26 15.1033’N 112 28.2076’W. We ended up staying over a week in this little town, which seemed to be filled with more Xpats than Mexicans. The beach is prefect for bonfires, and the little restaurants are great for a night out. The water was not super clear for us, so there was not snorkeling.

** we used 3 different guides for this area: Charlie’s Charts;Western coast of Mexico including Baja, Mexico Boating Guide(Rains) and Jack Williams Baja Guide.**

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