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Mazatlan: Stone Island anchorage Update!!!

We had heard that the anchorage at stone island is bad luck for cruisers, as most people get something stolen off their boats. We were lucky and did not have such misfortune. However the night that we left, our friends on the 55ft that was anchored right next to us, did get robbed. Around 1:30 am men blared their boat, cut the cable lock to their outboard motor, took both of their Stand up paddle boards, and both of their bikes. Our friends did not hear one peep till all their belongings were loaded and the ponga speeded away at full speed. 

This is just so heart breaking and frustrating to hear and I am so sorry for our friends, and to anyone else who has suffered the same fate at that anchorage.

So a heads up to anyone heading to the stone island anchorage.. DO not leave anything of worth on the decks at night, not even if you have them locked up.

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