California Anchorages

Horse Shoe Cove, San Francisco Bay

Anchored in Horse Shoe Cove
Anchored in Horse Shoe Cove

The whole time Jon and I lived on our boats in the bay area we never went into this cove, as  it is really a marina. We had friends who had anchored in there all the time, and because we were leaving the bay area for good, we figured why the heck not. It is a great jumping off point for getting out under the gate and heading north, or south. There is enough room for 2-3 boats to anchor in there. While we were there we shared the area with a Hallburg Rassy 43′, with plenty of swing room  for both our boats, and space from the break water and docks. We were anchored in here for 3 days, finishing the last minute projects as we waited for the perfect weather window. No one bothered us, and we got no angry looks from people with boats in the marina.

Using the MotionX app on my iPad:

Our waypoint for the entrance was Lat: 37.49.8803’N   Long: 122.28.5566’W

And we dropped our hook around Lat: 37.49.9566’N Long: 122.28.5163’W

The red lines are our entrance and exit tracks

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