Mainland Mexico Anchorages

Chamela, Mexico

When we were there: End of March 2016

Where we anchored: 19 34’57″N  105 07′ 49″W

About:  We found this anchorage to be rolly. The beach was very crowded and did not have much to offer other than beach palapas with expensive beer. The beach where we landed the dinghy was beautiful.

What was the water like: Clear and warm

Dinghy landing: We landed on a small beach, which is blocked off at high tide from the main beach, but it was easy as long at you dodge the rocks. You can land your dinghy on the main beach, but you have to time the swells as the beach break can be big.

Would we come back: No

Would we recommend people going:  I don’t think you would miss much by skipping this one, but it is a good stop to get some rest if needed.




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