Sailing the Caribbean “Hole”; San Blas, Panama to the Cayman Islands

When we told people about the route we were planning on taking… people looked at us like we were crazy! However those people were also people who had never done the passage themselves. We had met almost 10 boats while in Panama who had done this Passage with all kinds of jumping off points, but … Continue reading Sailing the Caribbean “Hole”; San Blas, Panama to the Cayman Islands


Bocas del Toro, NEW CREW and Leaving Panama!

With Prism protected by Isla Escudo de Veraguas and our anchor dug in deep into pure white sand, Jon and I hit the pillows and slept. That passage from Linton was a rough one, all our own fault though. Lesson learned.. never drink the night before a big passage. This island is beautiful, once Jon … Continue reading Bocas del Toro, NEW CREW and Leaving Panama!

The changing of seasons and plans

March, 13, 2017 It's that time of year, winter as come and gone. Crazy how fast time flies when you are having fun. With the chancing of seasons comes the hardest part of cruising, saying good-bye to the friends you have made and spent so much time with for the last few months. The snow … Continue reading The changing of seasons and plans

Cruising the San Blas Islands

Our time in the San Blas so far as been pure bliss. I can't say we have been doing much, life out here consist of: waking up, drinking coffee, having breakfast then going swimming or reading books. Afternoons are spent snorkeling, spear fishing( for lion fish only of corse) or playing beach games with friends. … Continue reading Cruising the San Blas Islands

Heading into Paradise

Once we left the shelter of the break wall in Colon, we were welcomed into the Caribbean Sea with no wind. But we were stoked to use the new Beta in these conditions. There was a fun square chop the whole way to Portobelo! That's 20nm of bashing!  With the old Yanmar we would have only … Continue reading Heading into Paradise