The Route


We started in Washington 2013 and now 9,283 nautical miles later in 2017 we are on the east Coast of the US. Jon and I have uploaded our tracks so you can use them for a reference . If you would like them, you can  Download Prism’s GPS Tracks

by clicking the  link.^^

The files can be input into your Chart-plotter devices for reference only. The tracks are not to be used for navigation. They are compatible with most charting systems.FullSizeRender-2.jpg

We have the dream to getting to Europe some day on Prism, how to get there is an ever-changing plan, there are just so many options to get there! But for now, we think this is the route Prism is going to take……. posted as the plan changes:

As of August 2017: Prism is living out the summer on the East Coast. When we get back in early 2018 we plan on a short trip out to the Bahamas. —->then back up the East coast to summer in the north states as we keep hearing amazing things about Maine. Then———->Crossing to Europe (still not sure where we are going to land). We plan on exploring most of Europe for as long as we can, I know Jon wants to see the Baltic. Then——-> Head down and ride the trades back to the Eastern Caribbean.

Jon also someday wants to do the North West Passage (burr) I would love the chance to dive in the Red Sea…so many options!!!

Here is a map with very, very rough route ideas…. 99% of all plans lead us back to the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman!!!!

where should we go?-2
As of Aug 2017 these are our choices….

The not happening Nov 2016 Plan: Explore Panama for the next 11 months–>Columbia—>Jamaica/ Haiti (weather depending)—-> All of The Caribbean down to Trinidad and back up again—>Bahamas/ surrounding Island clusters——> East Coast or ICW of the US—-> Cross the Atlantic—–> Europe!

This is the "As of November 2016 Plan"
This is the “As of November 2016 Plan”