The Route


We started in Washington 2013 and now 9,283 nautical miles later, we are on the east Coast of the US. Jon and I have uploaded our tracks so you can use them for a reference . If you would like them, you can click the blue link to  Download Prism’s GPS Tracks

The files can be input into your Chart-plotter devices for reference only. PRISM’S tracks are not to be used for navigation. They are compatible with most charting systems.FullSizeRender-2.jpg

We have the dream to getting to Europe some day on Prism, how to get there is an ever-changing plan, there are just so many options to get there! But for now, we think this is the route Prism is going to take……. posted as the plan changes:

As of October 2019: We are sick of the cold. The plan is now that the refit is done and Prism is looking the best she ever has, is to head back to the San Blas Islands of Panama. Prism is set up for warm weather sailing as the refit left no budget to add cold weather gear. So we are heading back to the El Carib to warm our bones, tan our bodies and get back into the cruising lifestyle.

As of August 2017: Prism is living out the summer on the East Coast. When we get back in early  2018 we plan on a short trip out to the Bahamas. —->then back up the East coast to summer in the north states as we keep hearing amazing things about Maine. Then———->Crossing to Europe (still not sure where we are going to land). We plan on exploring most of Europe for as long as we can, I know Jon wants to see the Baltic. Then——-> Head down and ride the trades back to the Eastern Caribbean.

Jon also someday wants to do the North West Passage (burr) I would love the chance to dive in the Red Sea…so many options!!!

Here is a map with very, very rough route ideas…. 99% of all plans lead us back to the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman!!!!

where should we go?-2

The not happening Nov 2016 Plan: Explore Panama for the next 11 months–>Columbia—>Jamaica/ Haiti (weather depending)—-> All of The Caribbean down to Trinidad and back up again—>Bahamas/ surrounding Island clusters——> East Coast or ICW of the US—-> Cross the Atlantic—–> Europe!

This is the "As of November 2016 Plan"