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We will be Land-lubbers till fall 2018

Quick update!

First off….has it really already been 8 months since we have seen Prism!?!?!? Jon and I have been sucked back into land life in full force. Besides the fact we get to be with friends and family once again… we are really, REALLY missing Prism.

Once Jon and I went our separate ways from Jet on the East Coast, we have been very busy! As soon as we got back into California, Jon’s mom had something planed as a family pretty much every day with fun filled sailing trips in the bay, being out on the lake or visiting friends and family all throughout California.

out sailing in the Bay on the Mason 43 with family
summer in the bay felt like the arctic for Jon and I when we first returned
Friday night jazz in Sausalito.
Shaver lake with the nephews on the 4th of July
selfies with nephews
Enjoying life at the lake

With all the planned travel Jon and I realized we were going to need a car. Sadly, one a little more realiable than our much loved 94’ 4runner. So we bought a brand spanking new 2017 Hyundai Accent, 6speed manual, which is so fun to drive and gets 45-48 MPG!

The day we bought our new car

I feel like I personally have also not stopped moving, I had a trip to Nashville for my best friends’ bachelorette party. I turned 30!! 30! Which we had a huge party for ( SO MUCH FUN, Jet even came to it), then my best friend got married, Jon turned 28 and all the friend and family visits. Gez it’s like we were gone for a few years and people missed us or something…

Dirty 30
Cheers with my brother Will for my 30th birthday
reunited with my best childhood friends Katie and Kelly!
My best friends wedding!
At Taco fest for Jons 28th Birthday
My brother will and I at a friends wedding
Jon and I exploring Lake Wishon where the Helms Project is located
showing and helping the littlest nephew to shoot a 22.
Ice Skating!
On Lake Tahoe for Jons little brothers 20th birthday
Spending time with our nephews

So enough about all of that… here is the download, as I am sure you are all wondering why we are still on dry land during this prime winter cruising season.

Originally when we set sail back towards the states it was because of 2 main reasons, 1) Prism needed some TLC ( which we wanted to do state side to access our wholesale accounts) and 2) Weddings. No, not mine and Jons, but many others which we would not and could not miss, including my best friend, my brother, Jon’s brother and Jon’s best friend. So instead of storing the boat in a marina in Columbia or Panama and flying back for each wedding which would have been about $4000 in airfare alone, we decided to sail home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Plus remember that shinny new red engine we put in last year,(yea the same one which Jon tried to squish me while taking out the old one) yea that kind of ate up a lot of our savings even with the incredible price we got the engine for. So the plan was to sail home, be in California for the hurricane season and the first set of weddings. Then head back to Prism to give her some much needed TLC and elbow grease to make her look so shinny and new with new sails, new decks and a paint job.

Jon and I drove out to Moab to visit Jess and Josh for Josh’s 40th!
meeting the beautiful Vela.
Hiking in Moab with Jess, Josh and Vela!

Once we decided to stay and really save up some money for our Europe adventure, Jon and I got back into our old jobs. I was asked to work at China Peak Mountain resort to help run the accounting department. Which I started in October but winter never really came, and the resort opened then closed and then repeated. So Jon and I made the decision to move back to Berkeley. And wouldn’t you know it, the day we moved, it snowed. As soon as we were off the mountain winter came! Kinda funny and as we all know California really needs the snow and rain right now.

Merry X-mas!
First Christmas in 4 years with family

So we are very happy to be back in the Bay. I am once again working at BMC while Jon is staying very busy shooting all over California and the US for companies like PBS, Valley Children’s Hospital and doing spots for California cities. Buying that new Hyundai has been a huge life saver, we did the math yesterday and found out that we have saved over $3000 in gas alone with this car compared to our old 4runner. ( I still miss it though). I have a feeling by the time we set sail again in the fall the gas savings will have paid for our new car.

Winter tried to come back in November
Happy 2018!

Everyone keeps asking if we are going to continue making videos, and the answer is YES! Jon and I do not have as much free time as we used to for editing the episodes (which do take a lot of time to edit). So thank you to everyone for being patient.

Editing and updating!

Jon and I will remain in California until fall, when we will return to Prism to do the much needed work on her, then sail out to the Bahamas maybe for the 2018/ 19 Winter season before sailing up the coast in preparation for our spring 2019 Atlantic crossing!

sailing on the Mason

10 thoughts on “We will be Land-lubbers till fall 2018

  1. It was good to read your writing once again. It’s always sooooo real and to the point. Look forward to your return to Prism. Ciao

  2. I watched all your videos and followed your journey the next year. I left from San Diego by myself and am now in Guaymas where I need to stay a couple of years waiting for my son to graduate in Tucson AZ. Thanks for showing me a spoiler of what I was going to see and it did help that I watched your videos! I thought you guys sailed off the earth but now I see why the videos stopped. Look forward to more in the future. John @

  3. If you ever get to cruise Chesapeake Bay I am on the Eastershore of Maryland…. wish you both and the ship the best…. Eric K

  4. I was glad to find your site and news of you guys. I lost track a year or so ago and wondered what had happened. Glad to know you two are still together and getting ready for more adventures, which I will follow and enjoy for sure.
    Thanks and good luck,
    Rob Robison

  5. So what´s happening. Will you ever see Prism again or better will we? Was waiting for you to cross the Atlantic. Waiting to invite you when you reach Hamburg

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