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Teak Decks update

I have been so tired at the end of the days I haven’t had enough energy to write. No pictures for now just wanted to give and update, full writeup will come soon.

Finished coachroof teak pads:done!

Routed cleaned decks

Screwed and bunged loose boards, Over 200

Taped and prepped starboard side and covered with plastic.

If it doesn’t rain tomorrow I will tape the port and caulk boat sides, need to call TDS to see how long the sealant needs before it can get rained on. It would be great if I could wrap this all up tomorrow. I might go get a well deserved back massage or get my back popped. Been shooting timelapses of all the work so that should be cool… Stay tuned

PS, out of all of the work I have ever done in my life, this is the hardest one to date.

2 thoughts on “Teak Decks update

  1. ahhh…we are also working on the varnish of our Hans 38…hardest part is coordinating the right number of days of no rain and no work so that we can get going on this project. the no rain part is kinda hard 'cause we also live up in the Seattle area. Best of luck and keep up the work on this blog. We really enjoy reading about another Hans in the NW.

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