California Anchorages

San Francisco: Richardson Bay and Angel island

Over looking SF bay, Richardson Bay and Angel Island

San Francisco Bay: Richardson Bay
We only anchored here once. It is the largest, free and no time limit anchorage in the whole bay. It is however open to surge and swell made by the large ships, wind and tidal patterns.ย  So expect rolly nights, and fog horns. You are right next to Sausalito and Tiburon, which are some of the cutest towns in the bay, but they are also the most expensive.

Richardson Bay

San Francisco Bay: Angle Island:

Ayala Cove: No anchorage, mooring only. If your up for spending the money, this stop is beautiful, they also have slips available. Like clipper cove, this anchorage is a little get away and it’s hard to believe that the big city is right behind you.

We had made a day sail over and grabbed a slip for lunch, and got rocked like crazy by one of the fairies who’s prop wash created a nasty relationship between our boat and the dock it was tied to. So watch out ๐Ÿ™‚

When we were there they did allow you to use the dock as a drop off or pickup area for friends or family who want to hike or check out the island while the boat and you go sailing. I think they also have day rate slips if you only want to be there a few hours.

South West side ofย  Angle Island: Day anchorage: We have anchored here once or twice to stop and have lunch. We would drop the hook right in front of the old hospital that is tucked in on the hill side. The island acts as a huge wind block when anchored here to enjoy a little break, drink and lunch. A lot of boats have lost their anchors here, as you are kinda anchoring on top of rocks and old pilings. We were always lucky and never had a problem getting out hook up.





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