Baja California, Mexico Anchorages

Magdalena Bay: Man of War Cove; Baja California; Mexico

The trek into Mag bay can be a long one if you don’t time the tides right. The entrance can also be a washing machine when the tide is going against the wind. We anchored first in front of the little town at Man of War cove. From the water the little town looks like it is from a painting, especially at night when the little houses are all lit up. However we were let down when we made the short trip to town to find the beach littered with trash and dead fish, leaving you with a smell that could make you gag. We anchored in about 12 ft over sand around 24 38.1932’N 112 08.1063’W. We quickly made our way over to a spot away from the smell, in about 10 feet over sand we anchored around 24 38.8847’N 112 08.0903’W. The water is clear but their is not much marine life. We did get a visit from a very friendly and curious dolphin though. The locals were nice, we were able to put in an order for some diesel and have to deliver back to us, saving us the trip up the long narrow channel into Puerto San Carlos.


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