Baja California, Mexico Anchorages

Islas San Benitos; The Pacific islands; Mexico

P1470417This was a great stop, although the entrance though Canal de Peck was slightly terrifying as our charts where way off, and we could see reef all around us, it was still a channel and we made it through with no problems. We anchored in the little bay on the West island over a rock bottom around 28 18.0239’N 115 34.5969’W. Our anchor did catch a rock which took us about 10 minuets to free while we were leaving( just as we were going to dive in to free it, it came up). We had a great time here, and the local fishermen were very happy to see us. The wind would funnel over the top of the island causing the afternoons to be a bit chilly during our stay here. The fishing was abundant and the snorkeling was clear.

** we used 3 different guides for this area: Charlie’s Charts;Western coast of Mexico including Baja, Mexico Boating Guide(Rains) and Jack Williams Baja Guide.**P1470136

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