Baja California, Mexico Anchorages

Isla Cedros; The Pacific Islands; Mexico

We anchored in Bahia deal Sur, which is the southern most anchorage. We made our way to the ponga fishermen and asked how close we could get for anchoring, since all the guide books show the anchorage further out. They told us that good holding was just a little beyond where they had they pongas moored. we anchored in about 20 feet over what we think was sand bottom around 28 04.9480’N 115 19.9945’W. We did not do much at this island, we only stayed one night before making a run for turtle bay before the weather turned sour.

** we used 3 different guides for this area: Charlie’s Charts;Western coast of Mexico including Baja, Mexico Boating Guide(Rains) and Jack Williams Baja Guide.**

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