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How to play Liars Dice

What you need: Each person playing needs 5 dice and 1 cup.
Who can play:   There is no limit to the amount of people playing. 

The point of the game:   To keep your dice.

Face value of dice: The 1’s are wild, meaning they are included with the die that is in play. unless other wise called differently by the very first turn. The rest are what they are.

The gist of it: Is to guess how many of a certain die are showing out off all the dice being played. If there are 4 people playing, then in the first round there are a total of 20 dice. You try to guess in a way that the round will not make it back to you forcing you to guess again.
Step 1:  Put the dice in the cup, shake and turn the cup upside down on the table. Do not let other people see your dice. Do not re- shake your dice again till the turn is over.

Step 2: The person who goes first ( it doesn’t matter who) looks at their dice, and calls that there are at least 10 dice that are 4’s. That is out of all the 20 dice they think 10 of them are 4’s.

Step 3:  The next turn is for the person clockwise, they have 2 choices:

            One: they can call BS and do not agree that there are 10, 4’s showing. At this point everyone reveals their dice and you count. Any dice that are 1’s are also included in the total count of 4’s showing. If there are 10 or more the person who called BS looses a dice, if there are less than 10 then the person who “lied” looses a dice. The round ends and then starts over with the looser of the die going first.

            Two: They can either increase the guess of 4’s showing by saying any number larger than 10, they can also say there are 10, 5’s or 10, 6’s. But if the next person wants to bet on the dice showing 2’s or 3’s they must increase the total amount of dice by at lease 1. Saying they think there is 13, 2’s

Step 4: Repeat step 3 in a clockwise rotation.

The ending:  Once a person is out of dice, they are out of the game. The rounds keep going till there is only one person left with dice.

I hope that was understandable. πŸ™‚ It’s a great game, normally takes one or two rounds to really get the hang of it. 


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  1. What is a game of liars dice without the grog? Sit down with a bottle of your favorite spirits and every time a person loses they take a sip of their drink or a shot.

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