Baja California, Mexico Anchorages

Hipolito; Baja Califronia; Mexico


This was a little gem of a stop! We were told that most cruisers bypass this as its a littler further in on the coast rather than going straight down to Arbeojos from Asuncion. We anchored in about 15 feet over a clear sand bottom around 26 59.4506’N 113 58.3352’W. The area is a reserve for lobster and abalone and the locals are very strict about it. They will come to your boat and watch you get out of the water after a snorkel to make sure you are not taking any of the delicious bugs or abalone. The water is clear, and because of the reserve the marine life is all over the place. When you go to shore make sure you do the Baja shuffle to scare off the sting rays. The locals are very nice but do not speak any English (the ones we met) but will help you in any why they can.

** we used 2 guide books for this area: Mexico Boating Guide(Rains) and Jack Williams Baja Guide.**

One thought on “Hipolito; Baja Califronia; Mexico

  1. Califronia? Maybe from tainted tequila in Hipolito? J/K, LOL. 🙂
    1st time communicating through blog comments.
    I really like your YouTube videos and look forward to seeing your future travels. We are living vicariously through your recorded adventures, as the pandemic forced us to park our boat and stay in Ensenada… putting our lofty dream of similar travels in peril. Never give up, never surrender!

    IIRC, one video in particular showed you diving a ledge with myriad langosta underneath…I don’t remember exactly where. How about a navigational tip? We may never be able to take advantage of the info, but remain curious.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with the world…a beautiful gift of posterity to your progeny, should you ever go down that path.

    If s/v Ola Chica ever makes it to Panama and beyond..we’ll try to find s/v Prism and say hello in person. Sharing sailing stories is the best!

    Fair winds and following seas!

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