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Hanging in Prevost Harbor. and DODGER DONE!

We are still in Prevost Harbor and are still loving the quite and calm! Yesterday we decided to check out the land activities in hope to go check out a historic lighthouse on the northern tip of the Island. Once on land using our new rowing dinghy we checked out the map at the campground. Nothing really talked about a trail to the light house and showed the park surrounded by private land. So we decided to do the one mile loop nature trail that was very pretty. Most of the trail was right on a small bluff next to the water. After completing the trail we decided we should get back to the boat and start our dodger project. 
Jon and Prism

The water looks so inviting, but it LIES!

Looking down onto Reid Harbor

Dinghy Bowling… making our way to the dock

Coming up the dock

Looking out into Prevost Harbor
The dodger has really good fabric but the zippers and glass where shot. The glass that once was crystal clear now had zero visibility of any detail. We started by seam ripping all the seams, then with the help of a lot of double sided tape we sewed on the new zippers. The following morning we cut out the new glass, using the old as templates, and once again with the help of 2 sided tape we placed the new glass onto the canvas and got to sewing. Now that it is all done, it is night and day difference with the new glass in!  That was our last bigger project we needed to finish before  making the “left” turn. Now it is really time to just relax and enjoy the cruise! 
 Here is a Time laps of us sewing the dodger
And the finished project
The new compared with the old yellow glass

All done
Last night we rowed about the harbor stopping to talk to some of the other boaters, but most wanted to keep to themselves, that was until we rowed up to Wades Aweigh!  We met Brian earlier in the day and he came by to Prism to check her out and told us to come by his boat later. We hit it off with Brian right away, he has done alone of work to Wades Aweigh and we could relate from what we did with our first boat Tara. We ended up hanging out onus boat with the drinks flowing and the stories going around. By the time Jon and I left to head back to Prism  we were 2 sheets to the wind and rowing in the dark with all the stars out and the water was  sparkling with bioluminescence. 

Jon jumped in and very quickly came back out. Burr!

out rowing!

We just had breakfast and are trying to decided if we want to stay here one more night and hike out to the light house ( now that we know how to get there) or to pull the hook and head to Roche Harbor, decisions decisions.

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