California Anchorages

Half-moon Bay, Santa Cruz and Capitola

Halfmoon Bay: Pillar point harbor
This anchorage was just ok. We came here on our first boat “TARA” and not on “PRISM” There were a few boats out there that looked less cared for, and the smell was not to enjoyable. However once we got to shore, the little town was very cute. We walked around and had a very nice dinner at a little Italian place with the best mushroom tortellini I have ever had.

We would have stopped here on Prism as it is a great stopping point and a good day sail away from SF bay, and then down to Santa Cruz, but we were making amazing time on prism and made it from SF to SC by night fall, so we did not put in a second visit to this little town.



Santa Cruz:
We have been here twice, staying only 1 night each time. We anchored on the north side of the pier both times. It’s kinda a cool spot, they have a dinghy dock right on the pier for easy landing. (during the summer season) The anchorage can be rolly at times from the wrap around. We didn’t like to spend much time here cause it can be pricy once your on land.


We have had one great experience and one very bad one here. The first time we anchored here on our first boat “TARA” we stayed a few days and had amazing weather. We anchored right off the pier, and they had a dinghy dock we could use during certain hours, we enjoyed the little beach town and everything.

However!!!! the 2nd time we went, we could no longer anchor where we did before, they put in a mooring field ( that you can’t even use after October) and you are no longer allowed to anchor near the pier or next to the mornings, nope they want you to anchor way off near the surf, in the kelp. And as a plus, you can not land your dingy anywhere on the beach beside on the little sliver of sand on the north side of the pier. And if you have dogs , be aware if a cop is around they will try to give you a ticket for having dogs on the beach as you land your dinghy. Also note that this little dinghy landing area is very far ( especially if rowing) from where you are allowed to anchor now,and the surf can be challenging. Other than all that fun stuff, the town is very cute and makes it worth the stop.



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