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Final Count Down: Return to PRISM

We are in the final days of our “trip” back home. We have about another week worth of work to do on the Mason and Tess (Jon’s sister) is going to have a baby any day now,  we can not wait to meet our newest nephew.  We made a promise to Jon’s mom that we would not head back to mexico till we were done with her boat. So we are working our butts off to get it all done.

After we stuff our faces with thanks and food we will hit the road planing on heading out on the 28th, hitching a ride down with Jon’s Uncle who has offered to drive us and all our crap down just because he wants to. THANK YOU CHET!

I have officially check out of the states in my head, constantly day dreaming about sunny skies, full sails, clear waters , sun bathing, Sup-ing and scuba diving. It’s hard to sit in an office and deal with people who are getting their boats ready to go sailing, but I just remind myself that I have already done what they are about to do, and I will see them down in Mexico… maybe


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