Southbound ICW: Annapolis to Oriental

Freezing day sailing down the Chesapeake We raised our main and shook out the ice, our fingers were barley moving as we weighed anchor and set out from Back Creek.  Wow, cold sailing SUCKS. Jon and I both said we did not

Days spent in the northern Chesapeake Bay

Jon’s Dirty 30 Oct 17, 2019 1 AM It’s starting. Jon rolls out of bed and stumbles to the companion way. He has to go to the airport to pick up the first wave of family to arrive for his 30th birthday.

North Carolina to Annapolis via the ICW

Northbound AICW October 12, 2019: As we pulled away from the boatyard dock we wanted to open the champagne, have a party and just enjoy the beautiful sunny weather as we made our way out of the Bay River and up the

260 Days of our Hans Christian 33t Refit

Back to the Refit: After 3 weeks of being away visiting family in California and a very crazy flight schedule we made it back to Prism. We left Fresno in the morning knowing this airport was the first of 5 we would

Taking a quick break from the refit

3 weeks vacation from Prism’s refit When Jon and I left California back in October, we knew that it was most likely the last time we were going to see Grandma, so we took our time with our goodbye and logged that

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