Baja California, Mexico Anchorages

Cabo San Lucas

Most say ” How in the wold can you call this an anchorage?!” And it’s true. The shelf off the beach makes it difficult to anchor, however when we set out stern line out onto the beach (yes pretty much on the beach) we kept our bow into the swell and for the most part enjoyed the anchorage. We dropped our main hook in about 37 ft ( less than 200 yards away from the beach) around 22 53.0124’N 109 54.2091’W. This spot was our 2nd anchorage in Cabo, as we had come in during the middle of the night, which made it almost impossible to tell what lights were boats or belonged to the city. Plus with the bay being so deep close to shore, we could hear the waves crashing but not seem them while we were still in 50 feet. It was a bit nerve racking, so we anchored in about 55ft around 22 53.569’N 109 53.3565’W, to wake in the morning seeing we were out in the middle of no where! We had a good laugh then moved to Β the closer spot.


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  1. I sailed my Beneteau 40 from Long Beach, CA to Cabo for the 2000 Baja Ha-Ha, the rally sponsored by Latitude 38 magazine. We anchored off the beach at Cabo, and spent many days there waiting for engine parts to arrive from San Diego. The parts arrived, but Mexican customs would not clear them in, because I had used a mechanic who had been recommended by a local who was a fly-by-night. We hung on a hook for 30 days there. It was mostly pretty great, but there were some moments that were somewhat tricky with weather, but it was all good. We made it out of there and headed up to La Paz.

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