Baja California, Mexico Anchorages

Arbeojos; Baja California; Mexico

We anchored in 2 different spots here, once in front of the town over a sand bottom in about 20 feet around 26 42.5975’N 113 34.0623’W. We expolored the little town in an afternoon, and found an Internet cafe. However we did not stay long in the little sleepy town. We also anchored out near the large houses around the point to be closer to the surf. We anchored over a sand bottom around 26 43.9039’N 113 32.4955’W In about 16 feet of water.

** we used 3 different guides for this area: Charlie’s Charts;Western coast of Mexico including Baja, Mexico Boating Guide(Rains) and Jack Williams Baja Guide.**


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