The Crew

The crew:

Jon: I grew up in Sierra Mountains. My family were avid sailors, having boats not only in the San Francisco Bay but also on the surrounding lakes near our home at Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake. I not only grew up sailing, but my family is also very passionate about photography and videography. Right out of high school after winning a few film festivals I started working in the advertisement field, then moved on to television. For years, (which helped pay and save for our boats and trip), I worked for a television network called Livewell, shooting the shows Motion, and My Family Recipe Rocks till it was time to leave in October 2014.

Shannon: I grew up in Southern California. My family we were power boaters, we had a 42′ Californian, and a mooring in Emerald Bay at Catalina Island. My love affair with the ocean began at a very early age, spending as much time as I could with a mask on and my face buried into the ocean looking for any and all marine life. After high school I began working as a dive master for San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions, and loved spending my time looking, diving , studying, and playing tug-o-war with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island off the coast Baja. My sailing experience when I met Jon was slim to none, having only sailed on little sunfish boats while I was a kid at the very camp where I met Jon as an adult.

Our story ( the quick version):

We met back in 2009 while we were both working for Gold Arrow Camp, a summer camp located up in the Sierra Mountains.  We started to look for our first boat after Jon asked Shannon ” How would you like to sail around the world?” ( talk about a one liner right!)  Our first boat adventure involved a small pocket cruiser called a Caliber 28. The boat was in very rough shape, so we spent over a year doing a total refit in a backyard in the middle of the central valley. Once she was done, we renamed her “TARA” and set of! After a few eye opening passages and living on her for a year we decided TARA was not the boat for us. You can read about our first adventures at The story picks up with the first post to this blog back in 2013.

We hope you enjoy!


13 thoughts on “The Crew

  1. Dear Jon and Shannon,

    Please send along a good e-mail address. The link to your address is inoperative right now.

    Also, I run Mission: Ocean Reef an organization designed to replant lost reef growth around the world. We are looking for three boat crews to participate with us on an initial trial run. Care to learn more? You’ll like it.

    Let me know and I’ll send along more information.

    Stay strong,

    Mission: Ocean Reef
    970.319.2382 ~ cellular

    1. Guy,

      Did our email link ever start to work for you?

      I would be interested in helping with the reefs!

      Let us know if you are still having trouble emailing us.

      Jon and Shannon

  2. Hey Jon and Shannon! Genie and I look forward to following your adventures. We have an HC 43. It looks so much like yours! Congratulations on getting away!
    Roger D.

  3. We sure enjoy seeing your movies as you cruise. Have you posted a map somewhere? It would be interesting if so. Thank you for your hard work both sailing and in sharing your adventures!!

      1. I see the family resemblance. I had to ask. I have some motor boat time on the great lakes. Love seeing your adventure. I will send you guys a little money Monday. Use it to replace Jons Batman tshirt.


  4. Jon & Shannon,
    just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy following your video adventures. I get bummed on the weekend when there’s no new episode to watch! I live vicariously through you guys. For 6 years I lived aboard in Vancouver, BC – first, on an Ericson 35 and later on a Reliance 44 ketch. You guys have managed to do what I was never able to accomplish – cut the dock lines and go!
    I have always loved the look of the Hans Christian boats and have aspired to own a 38 for years. After seeing your setup on Prism, I decided I would be very happy with a 33! Dare to dream, dare to dream…
    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and great videos. You are both excellent “narrators” – easy to listen to and I appreciate your efforts to include as much technical info as you think we, viewers, can handle. Fair winds and following seas…

    Mike & Carol,
    now landlubbers in Kamloops, BC, Canada

  5. Found your boat tour video on YouTube a couple of months ago and now started watching your series. My wife and I (and 3 young boys) live in Tokyo and have the dream. Thanks for producing the content and we look forward to following you. Best wishes!

  6. Came across your website and smiled a lot. My wife and I left So. Cal. in 2008 and have been in the So. Pacific for the last 8 years. Our boat s/v Sidewinder is a Fast Passage 39 and is now in Port Townsend, Wa. where we are trying to get use to cold water and pine trees instead of palms. It was fun reading about your engine change out and it all bought back so many memories. Both good and bad !
    So keep on doing it and as you already probably know, the cruising community is a small one so we just may share a anchorage someday ?

  7. Hi John and Shannon, We have a Hans Chrictian 41T Teckla , Just Installed new driveshaft and a Sigmadrive, after watching your review, we purchased the boat on Lake Erie last year , we are on Lake Superior, want to get out to the coast this fall. Dave and Kat

  8. Hi
    Guys it is hard to keep up with you your moving so fast up the East coast. Love to watch and see pictures it is a very nice distraction from work.

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