7 thoughts on “260 Days of our Hans Christian 33t Refit

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post… it is long but for those of us who have older boats, it was very interesting. I look forward to you videos.. and we are re-watching some of your older ones now as we plan our trip down the Baja next year! You two are very inspirational!

  2. Quite an incredible job! You two deserve a huge amount of credit for your efforts. Your reward will hopefully be many years of great sailing. We wish you both well and have enjoyed your blog, your past videos and the ‘Outside Beyond the Lens’ work. We look forward to new videos of your sailing trip – should you choose to make them.
    All the best from Eric and the team at High Water Media in Annapolis.

  3. Wow, amazing job!!! We have been looking at a Hans Christian 33 for several years, and plan to purchase her in 2021. Everyone says, “don’t do it, they’re too much work”, but we still really want her (even after seeing your refit post!). Very inspiring!

    1. Yeah they are a lot of work, but they are 100% worth it. If you want “less” work, buy one that has already done the bigger projects…. They are out there!

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